Quiz: Build a Ridiculously Extravagant College Apartment and We'll Guess Your Major!
Build a Ridiculously Extravagant College Apartment and We'll Guess Your Major!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Most students live in a fashion that is honestly pretty disturbing when you think about it. They tend to have a lot of roommates and to do little or no cleaning. They rarely enjoy extravagant extras like laundry or a dishwasher in the apartment, meaning that the barrier for cleanliness is that much higher and that much less likely to be met. 

They have a small, grotty fridge that isn't organized and inadequate cooking facilities. On top of that, the apartment itself is probably not being maintained properly by the landlord, who takes the view that students are going to ruin anything nice so there's no point in investing.

It doesn't have to be that way - or rather, it wouldn't if you could just have enough of a budget to live like a proper grownup. That's what this quiz is all about. It's time to imagine the apartment you'd like to have lived in if money were no object. It's a place to express your interests and passions, a place that would be a haven for you as you study toward your degree. Your major will inform every element of it. So tell us about your dream student home, and we'll guess that major!

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