Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Your College Major

Ian Fortey

Let's talk chicken. If you're in the market for a chickeny feast, what do you want from Taco Bell?

Maybe beans are what you crave. What bean-filled food is for you?

Taco Bell can get a little hot, so you're going to want to cool it way down. Pick your favorite Freeze?

You know a food is delicious if it's described as "beefy." Which beefy treat sounds best?

You need a veggie on your taco, otherwise it's just a pocket of meat and cheese. Pick your vegetable!

If you want a hearty meal, you want steak. What steak item is for you?

You need cheese on a taco because of course you do. What cheese is the most scrumptious?

Let's get down to brass tacks. What is the single best item on the Taco Bell menu?

You can only eat so many tacos before you get thirsty. Order a drink!

A taco without sauce is like a car without upholstery. Sauce that taco!

Taco Bell has not mastered every style of taco just yet. What's the menu missing?

You need an exotic taco shell in your life sometimes. Which offbeat shell is for you?

Sure you could order a taco with just meat, cheese, and lettuce, but why? Pick an extra!

When you're really hungry, you need something bigger than a typical taco. What do you order?

The soft taco is the most popular item at Taco Bell. What other kind of taco deserves some love?

Dessert is a wonderful way to end any dinner. What dessert will do it for you?

Burritos are like a taco's best friend! Pick the best burrito of the bunch.

Remember how stressful college exams could be? You need a lot of food to give you energy. How many tacos could you eat?

A potato is like the meat of the vegetable world, right? Just go with it. Which potato-infused item is best?

Sure, Taco Bell has a lot of veggie options, but which option are they missing that you really, really want?

How could you get through a day in class without a decent breakfast? Pick your breakfast!

There's arguably no wrong time of day to eat a taco, but what's the best time of day?

Every proper meal has a side dish. What side dish will make your meal the best?

Quesadillas are a little slice of perfection. What quesadilla is the one for you?

Every once in a while the only food you need is cheese. What cheesy goodness is calling your name?

If one tortilla makes a delicious taco, then surely two tortillas is even better? Which item with extra tortilla goodness is for you?

Remember study groups? You and your classmates learning together and working up an appetite. You need a Party Pack!

Taco Bell has made some serious taco mistakes in the past. What menu item are you glad has been lost to history?

Why choose between tacos and junk food when Taco Bell will mix both together? Pick the best one!

If you were creating the ultimate fast food feast, what would you eat alongside your tacos?

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About This Quiz

Not a lot of people realize this, but Taco Bell is a very educational place to get a meal.  Look at all the life lessons that are being taught under that roof.  Do you want to learn about math?  You can add soft tacos to crunchy tacos, multiply by the number of sauce packets you'll need and bang! You just did a lunch equation.  Do you want to learn about different cultures?  The Mexican Pizza is a delicious merging of Italy and Mexico, all in one meal.  Do you need to master economics?  If you only have $5, is it a better option to buy a combo or just raid the Dollar Cravings menu?  For the cost of lunch, you're basically getting a degree.

Since Taco Bell and college are basically the same things, it's not too hard to draw parallels between the two of them when you think about it. In fact, if you were to build us your most delicious Taco Bell order, we bet we could guess what your college major was.  If you doubt us, then all you need to do is take the quiz and see it for yourself.  Tell us your thoughts on burritos and quesadillas and we'll deduce your major lickety-split!

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