Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Tell You What Occupation You Had in a Past Life

Teresa M.

How do you feel about Lava Sauce?

Which item from the Dollar Cravings menu sounds best to you?

What would you add to a Cheesy Rollup to make it fancier?

Which kind of Taco Bell Freeze are you more likely to order?

Which kind of soda would you want with your order?

Which non-soda drink would you like best?

Which sort of chips would you order?

Which Taco Bell side could you eat more than one of?

Which item from the Taco Bell Sweets menu do you like the most?

Which Nachos dish do you like best?

Which item from the Speciality menu would you order most often?

Which Taco Bell combo fills you up best?

Have you tried the Breakfast Crunchwrap Combo?

Which Taco Bell vegetarian item would you add to an order?

Which item from the Quick Breakfast menu would you eat for dinner?

Which Party Pack would you take to an office luncheon?

Which kind of taco do you like most?

What kind of taco shell do you like most?

What kind of Taco Bell sauce would you keep at home?

Which kind of quesadilla might you try to make at home?

Do you like the Quesadilla Combo more than the Quesarita Combo?

Would you put extra sour cream on your burrito?

Do you need silverware to eat your Taco Bell custom order?

Did you include extra napkins with your order?

What time of day do you usually go to Taco Bell?

Do you prefer Taco Bell's Pinto Beans or Black Beans?

Do you prefer regular Mountain Dew or Mountain Dew Baja Blast?

Which item would you order from the Power Menu?

Which item do you wish Taco Bell served?

Which part of a burrito is most tasty?

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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered what occupation you held in a former life? If you have, today is your lucky day! In order to find out what job the former version of you held, all you have to do is build a Taco Bell order like you've always wanted. Customize your plate full of goodness by dressing it up with Pinto Beans or guacamole, and we'll be able to tell how you brought home the bacon in your past life!

You might be wondering how it's possible to tell all of that from a Taco Bell order, but this isn't just any Taco Bell order. This Taco Bell order puts you in control of making your own order. With unlimited access to a Taco Bell kitchen and all of their tasty ingredients, you will build an order that perfectly matches your personality. From there, we'll pick up on the little clues about the skills you picked up while living as another version of yourself. 

You can have as many packets of sauce as you like, but you might want to ask for extra napkins. Rolling a burrito or making the perfect Dorito-shelled taco is a skill like you have never imagined! Let's see how you do it, and we'll let you know what occupation you held in one of your past lives.

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