Quiz: Build A Taco Bell Order And We'll Tell You Which Piercing To Get Next
Build A Taco Bell Order And We'll Tell You Which Piercing To Get Next
By: Teresa M.
Image: Marina A.J.

About This Quiz

Grab yourself a Taco Bell tray or two, and build your perfect order. By the time you have finished piling on the cheese, the toppings, and the sauces, we will be able to tell you where you should get your next piercing! Your spicy customizations will make it Swarovski clear. 

The placement of your next piercing is not something to take lightly. You have to consider the rules at your job, the way you want to present yourself, and the part of your body that will best able to tolerate the pain. Humans have been adorning themselves with decorative piercings since the dawn of time, but you have to make your choice for yourself. However, we think you will find our proposed piercing spot will make the most sense. 

As you build your Taco Bell order, we will gather little tidbits about your personality and your lifestyle. Your choices will point like a needle to the position you should have yourself blinged. Will it be the same spot you have had in mind, or we have an even better suggestion? 

Grab a few packets of Lava Sauce, and hold on to your Nachos Supreme! The location of your next piercing is only a few sides away!

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What kind of Mountain Dew would you wash your order down with?

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How many Cheesy Rollups would you add to your bag?

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Which kind of sauce would you ask for at the window?

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Which topping would you remove from a 7-Layer Burrito?

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Which item from the vegetarian menu would you like most?

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Which Dollar Cravings item would your order more than one of?

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What kind of taco shell do you prefer?

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What would you top a Breakfast Quesadilla with?

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What time of day are you making your Taco Bell order?

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What is your favorite ingredient in the Fiesta Taco Salad?

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Would you prefer to order an orange juice or a Tropicana Pink Lemonade?

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Which item from the secret menu would you order?

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Would you order the Steak Soft Taco or the Chicken Soft Taco?

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What sort of fountain drink sounds tastiest?

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Which party pack would you take home for dinner?

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Which quesadilla would you order?

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Do you prefer bacon or sausage crumbles on your breakfast order?

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How would you upgrade your Nachos BellGrande?

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