Quiz: Build a Wand and We'll Guess Which Class You'd Teach at Hogwarts
Build a Wand and We'll Guess Which Class You'd Teach at Hogwarts
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

The wand and the wizard are two sides of the same coin. The wand chooses the wizard as much if not more than the wizard chooses the wand. The symbolism of the wand is about potential power, destiny, and seeing one's true self. Wands are pointers, after all. A wand is a magical extension of the self that points the way to the fulfillment of potential and achievement of destiny.

Wands derive their magical properties from their constituent parts. While some wands are very simple in design, all of our wands come with a significant amount of customization so we can really boil down your needs and furnish you with the wand and job that best exploits your natural advantages.

Caring for your wand is also important, and we want you to leave this experience feeling prepared for the responsibilities of ownership and use. As a result, we will provide you with not just a capable wand, but a full set of supplies with which you can clean and maintain your wand, and do some minor repairs. Of course, if significant damage occurs, you should go to an Olivanders certified dealer for immediate repairs.

Design your wand, and we will reveal what class you will teach at Hogwarts.

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