Build an All-Black Outfit and We'll Guess the Name of Your Alter-Ego

Ian Fortey

If your entire wardrobe were lost, what's the one black item you'd miss the most?

What kind of black belt makes the outfit?

You can't very well walk around barefoot. What style of black shoe is necessary?

If you just need a simple, black t-shirt, where would you go shopping?

If you're in the market for a new pair of black pants, what style are you looking for?

Everyone knows there are different shades of black. Which black is the black for you?

You can't just walk around without some kind of accessory, that would be weird. Accessorize in black!

What clothing item are you likely to never wear in public no matter how black it is?

Where would you most likely go if you're wearing nothing but black?

What's the worst place you could go to in an all-black outfit?

How much of your black wardrobe is formal, dressy-looking stuff?

What's the perfect black gemstone to be the centerpiece of a ring or pendant?

It's time to go shopping for some new black boots. What style do you want?

You should probably get a jacket in case it gets cold. What style of black jacket fits your needs?

Sometimes you need to carry stuff with you. What kind of black bag is getting the job done?

Online shopping is easy and fast, but it can be risky with clothes. Would you buy any part of your wardrobe online?

Your choice for the day has come down to a black dress or black pants of some kind. What's your decision?

So what are your thoughts on something like black fishnets?

What fabric is best for pretty much any black clothing?

How many black shirts is too many black shirts?

Are you trying to project an image when you wear an all-black outfit?

Are you much of a hat person? What kind of black hat would you put on?

Is all-black jewelry ever a good option? What would you wear?

It's hard to get through life without getting black underwear at some point. What style do you have?

What's the one store you absolutely want to avoid for filling out your black wardrobe?

Do you need a new pair of black socks? Sure you do. Where are you going to pick them up?

What's the most essential kind of black makeup to own?

Some days really feel like skirt days. What kind of skirt are you sporting?

What's your go-to cut for a pair of black jeans?

Someone bought you a new black t-shirt. What do you hope is on it?

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About This Quiz

There are a plethora of reasons to rely on black, the most versatile of all colors, to carry your whole wardrobe. It takes all the effort out of deciding what to wear, for one. It also looks great all the time. Black is never out of style and never looks wrong. You're always looking cool and put together in black. You look like you know who you are, where you're going and what you're doing. But just who are you, actually?  There's you, sure. What who else is there? Who's that alter-ego just bubbling below the surface? That secret expression of your innermost thoughts?

Whether you're rocking a Bruce Wayne/Batman sort of situation or a Sasha Fierce/Beyonce sort of thing, whatever secret you are out there in the world, we bet we can guess their name. Sounds stunning, right? Well, it's a skill. Even if you're not sure of the name of your alter-ego, all you need to do is dive deep into your all-black wardrobe and let us know how you construct it. We'll use all that dark, shadowy fashion information to determine who your alter-ego is. Take the quiz and find out now!

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