Quiz: Build an American Home and We'll Tell You Which Major European City You Belong In!
Build an American Home and We'll Tell You Which Major European City You Belong In!
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

The American home is a unique animal. Some parts of it come from our own culture and environment. There are American homes reflective of the native cultures of the Southwest, and others that evolved into distinct styles, like the Adirondack style. On the other hand, visit any snowy area in the USA, and you'll find homes with architectural origins in Northern Europe, or if you head to the west coast, you'll find Spanish and even Russian architecture.

Within our homes, we arrange rooms and even furnishings around the cultures of the civilizations that have influenced us, from how we lay out our "living rooms" (which are based largely around the old idea of a "parlor") to how we set up our kitchens. Even in the bathroom, you will find evidence of the cultures that contributed to our way of life in America.

A home says a lot about a person. It is a statement about one's priorities, one's culture, one's dreams, and one's lifestyle. People put art and trophies on the wall to showcase their best qualities, and in some cases, to hint at their deepest fears. Design your dream home with us, and we will tell you which European city you should live in!

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