Build an Army and We'll Guess What Military Rank You'll Achieve

Ian Fortey

Who's joining your army?

How many troops are you looking to have in your army?

What's it going to take to get into your army's most elite unit?

Is your army for national defense, peacekeeping or something else?

How many branches do you plan on having in the military?

Everyone needs to go through basic training, right? How long is basic?

How many soldiers are going to make up a single platoon?

What kind of budget should your army have?

How do you keep morale up for your troops?

How important is it to be researching new weapons and defense technology?

What kind of combat training will your soldiers receive?

Do you plan on having a Navy and an Air Force?

How closely will you work with the armies of your allies?

How many ranks do you think your army needs?

How do you foresee a combat situation playing out?

What kind of missions are your special forces teams going on?

How many battalions would you commit to defending a foreign city from a mutual enemy?

Is your army going to be supplemented by tanks?

How important is cyber warfare going to be to your army?

What sidearm are your troops going to be armed with?

Your soldiers are going to need rifles. What's going to be the standard issue?

Do you plan to use any combat robots?

What will your largest force be?

How long will soldiers have to serve in your army after they enlist?

How long will someone have to serve before they're eligible to become an officer?

The uniform is an important part of having an army and instilling that discipline and a sense of unity. What will yours be like?

What's going to protect your soldiers in the field?

What is the command structure of your army going to be like?

How will you convince people to join your army?

What will your military be doing with most of its time when not at war?

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About This Quiz

The military has a long and rich history not just in America but around the world. Understanding the need for an armed force to protect the interests of the population has been an integral part of nations for thousands of years not only for those who wish to conquer but also for those who just want to defend. You can't rely on the kindness of your neighbors, unfortunately. But the military is so much more than fighting wars. Our armed forces have proven invaluable as peacekeepers, and in times of turmoil when disaster strikes, the military can step up to restore order. 

Order, organization, and discipline are key to a functional military and to that end, the system of rank has proven to be a great way to organize soldiers and recognize the standouts by giving them responsibilities and duties that reflect their unique skills and abilities. Those who can rise in the ranks and offer what they can to help the military as a whole become a better, more efficient unit. It's a good system, and it works. But from the bottom of that ladder, it can be daunting. How far will you rise? If you help us right now answering some questions to design your own army, maybe we'll find out. Take the quiz and see!

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