Build an Engine and We'll Tell You Which State You Should Live In

Steven Miller

How many cylinders will your engine have?

How many cubic centimeters?

Will you consider putting in an electric motor?

Are you more interested in fuel efficiency or speed?

Will you invest in a high-flow cat-back exhaust system?

Do you plan to do any racing with this engine?

Will you invest in a performance computer chip or programmer?

What kind of vehicle is this engine going into?

Will you invest in an aftermarket exhaust header to increase horsepower and torque?

Will you invest in performance tires?

Will you have a performance cold air intake on your engine?

Are you going to get some racing pedals?

Will you put in a larger diameter throttle body in your system?

Will you lower or raise your vehicle?

Will your engine have a forced induction supercharger or turbocharger?

Will your engine be standard for your vehicle or will you go with one meant for a different car?

How concerned are you about reducing emissions in your engine design?

Are you going to have additional exterior or interior lights on your ride?

Will your engine be something that would roll off a factory line or a completely custom job?

How loud will your sound system be?

How much do government regulations cramp your style in designing an engine?

Are you going to have an automatic or a manual transmission?

Would your car pass a smog check?

Will your car have a performance carburetor?

How loud is that thing going to be?

Are you going to upgrade your fuel injectors?

Will there be an intercooler on board?

Will your system have a water/methanol injection feature?

How concerned are you going to be about making the vehicle as light as possible?

Would you be more nervous about getting ticketed for your engine mods if you crossed into California?

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About This Quiz

Are you a Saturday mechanic? Do you spend the weekdays dreaming of the weekend, when you can dedicate each waking hour to your "baby"? If your idea of a rocking Saturday night is spending it in the garage building and rebuilding your car's engine, then this quiz is for you. Answer these 30 questions, and we'll tell you which state you should live in.

Building or rebuilding a car engine is a pursuit that requires a certain personality and level of dedication. It's not just for the faint-hearted. And it's not for your average backyard mechanic. If you've ever built an engine, you know that the likelihood you'll have a few screws left over is higher than you'd like it to be, but you also know that it takes a special kind of motorhead to figure out where those rebel screws belong. And the type of engine you elect to put into your baby also says a lot about you. 

We've compiled a list of 30 questions that will say enough about you as a person for us to figure out what state you should live in. Do you think you currently live in the right state, or should you start packing?

Let's find out.

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