Quiz: Build an Evil Lair and We'll Reveal Which "Star Wars" Villain You Are
Build an Evil Lair and We'll Reveal Which "Star Wars" Villain You Are
By: Steven Miller
Image: Lucasfilm

About This Quiz

There are many choices you face when designing your ideal evil lair. For example, are you going to have it underground or are you going to put it up in orbit? There's the question of size as well. Do you need a ton of room to keep all kinds of technology and gadgets, or do you think that a more minimalist and understated approach might fit you best?

If you'd conceive of your lair as basically a personalized training facility, then the athletic and single-minded energy of Darth Maul seems like it could be the right fit for you. Should you choose to go with a black-and-red decorating scheme, we like this choice even more on you.

Perhaps you're envisioning a pad that is huge and packed with all the very latest in technology and monitoring equipment. If you're someone who sees your evil lair as the place where you spend the bulk of your time and where you do most of your evil work, Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, appears to be the perfect match.

Maybe you'd design something a bit more sparse and focused on health issues and recharging your system, or you're not planning on spending much time there at all, and you want to keep it simple and small. Either way, get on board the Star Destroyer and let's find the space that fits your match on the dark side of the force.

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