Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Your Hair Color

Haiden Steingass

Which freeze drink would you order?

Which taco shell would you ask for?

What kind of meat do you want in your taco?

What's add-on do you have to have on your taco?

What sauce do you want on your taco?

What kind of burrito would you like?

Which Power Menu item would you order to bring home and save for tomorrow's lunch?

Which quesadilla order would you choose?

Which nachos do you want to add to your order?

Which dip would you want with your chips?

Don't forget about Dollar Cravings! Which one would you like?

Listen to your sweet tooth. Which dessert do you want?

Add a side to your order, please.

Which specialty item would you order to save for a late night snack?

Your friends are probably hungry, too. Which Party Pack should you order for them?

You'll probably want something to eat in the morning. Which breakfast item do you want?

Which Taco Bell sauce do you want to smother all over your food?

You're feeling pretty hungry. Select a combo meal to add to your order.

Which topping do you not want on any of your food?

You should give all types of Taco Bell a fair chance. How about a vegetarian option?

We'll throw in a Double Decker Taco. Which upgrade do you want?

Pick one of these add-ons to put on your tacos and burritos.

Which add-on would you prefer to have on the side?

Which secret menu item would you like to try?

Make your Chalupa!

Which add-ons would you like on your Mexican Pizza?

Do you want anything removed from your Fiesta Taco Salad?

Do you want to try a substitute sauce on your Fiesta Taco Salad? (Comes with salsa)

We're going to throw in some more Cinnabons. How many would you like?

Which drink would you order to wash everything down?

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About This Quiz

The only thing better than fantasizing about what you'd order from Taco Bell is actually going to the fast food joint and smashing on your favorite taco or burrito. The Mexican fast food restaurant has grown from a one-man show to a multimillion-dollar corporation. 

Back in 1952, Taco Bell wasn't quite Taco Bell yet. It was a hot dog stand that went by the name of "Bell's Drive-In." Bell's Drive-In was in San Bernadino, California, the same town where McDonald's got its start. So how did a locally known hot dog stand transform into the fast food powerhouse that we all know and love today? Well, the menu back then included a single taco. While it was meant to offer variety, no one could have dreamed it would single-handedly make Bell's one of the biggest names in the fast food industry. After customers experienced the taste of the famous Taco Bell meat, and it became clear that hot dogs were not going to be the driving force for Bell's future, thus the birth of Taco Bell.

So, what do you order when you pull up to Taco Bell? Maybe it's the same thing each time you visit, or maybe you're always gung-ho on trying the latest Locos taco and Mountain Dew. Whatever your deal is, it's time to build a Taco Bell order, and we'll guess your hair color!

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