Quiz: Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What Bedroom Stereotype You Are
Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What Bedroom Stereotype You Are
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Heather Winters/Photodisc/Getty Images

About This Quiz

As you navigate through life, you do your best to not fall prey to stereotypes.  You don't want to apply them to others and you don't want to play up any aspects of a stereotype in yourself. It's just a matter of fairness.  Stereotypes don't take individuality into account, they make blanket statements and they're really off in a lot of ways.  That said, you can still be aware of stereotypes and in some cases when they're not meant to be offensive or hurtful, even have fun with them.  For instance, when it comes to the way you behave in the bedroom, are you following your own path or do you fit the mold for some tried and true stereotypes?  We bet there are a few stereotypes that apply, and we can even guess which one fits you best.

Anyone could guess what bedroom stereotype fits you best if they asked you some sexy questions, but come on, how hard would that be?  Nah, we're going to go deep, deep into your psyche by asking you Taco Bell questions.  You let us know your Taco Bell likes and dislikes and before you know it, we'll be telling you just which stereotype applies to you in the bedroom.  It's just that easy.

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