Quiz: Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess When You First Got High
Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess When You First Got High
By: Ian Fortey
Image: rudisill/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

In a very unofficial way, Taco Bell and weed go together like weed and Doritos. Or Taco Bell and beers.  Or weed and Cheetos.  You get the idea.  As marijuana legalization becomes more commonplace, we can safely assume that the friendship between these two things is getting stronger by the day.  With the potential for so many people to have a puff and then a chalupa, you have to think that there's a real connection you can make between the two things if you start looking into it.  And if you don't think that, you should start because we're totally telling you there's a connection.

Fact is, some foods just really lend themselves to satisfying a case of the munchies, and Taco Bell is way up on that list. It's like a spiritual brotherhood between getting high and getting tacos.  It goes so deep that we're willing to bet that if you tell us some of your Taco Bell favorites and build the ultimate Taco Bell order, we'll be able to tell you when you first got high.  Can you believe that?  You should, because we're on the up and up.  So dive into a Taco Bell order and let's reminisce about weed gone by!

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The word chalupa is a lot of fun to say, isn't it? It is! Order the most fun chalupa on the menu.

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Sometimes you get the munchies super bad. If you were going to go on a soft taco eating bender, how many could you eat?

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Doritos are the perfect food for when you've gotten yourself nice and mellow, but you can mix them with tacos too! Pick the best Doritos taco!

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Are you a Gordita fan? Of course you are, because a Gordita is delicious. Which one is the best?

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Few foods are as perfect for dealing with the munchies as nachos! Pick the best nacho dish on the menu.

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If you could only order one thing while you're at Taco Bell, what would it be?

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How do you fill your tacos anyway?

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When you're going for soft tacos, you're going to need to add some veggies, right? Pick the best one!

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When you get that craving for beefy goodness, how do you slay it?

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Cheese is just so good. Like, so good. Pick the best cheese-filled item on the menu.

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A quesadilla is one of the most perfect foods ever. Choose the most perfect one.

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Let's talk nachos for a second. If you were going to dip yours, what would you dip them in?

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Beans are great when you want something meaty in a taco that isn't meat. Pick the beany best item!

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Taco Bell has a history of making some wild and wacky stuff. Which one do you want to try?

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Chicken is super delicious, so you should order your favorite chicken item.

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If you spent all your cash on pot, you can raid the couch cushions for change and buy something from the Dollar Cravings menu. Pick something!

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Rice is delicious and filling. What rice-filled item will make your day?

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You're going to want to add cheese to your taco, right? What form will your cheese take?

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Have you ever had Taco Bell breakfast? It's kind of a sublime experience. Order the best item!

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Is a taco worth eating without the right sauce? You better pick the best kind of sauce.

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If you like it spicy, then Taco Bell has your back. What is the best spicy item on the menu?

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You know you want some Taco Bell dessert when your sweet tooth starts acting up. What will you order?

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Potatoes are like the meat of the vegetable world. What potato-infused menu item is the one for you?

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If you ever do any world traveling, you can eat at some international Taco Bell locations. What would you order abroad?

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Mountain Dew is clearly the best beverage to go with smoking up or Taco Bell. Which Dew will do for you?

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If you're eating a full meal, then you need a side dish, right? What's your side?

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A Party Pack is meant for a large group of people but let's be honest, you could probably just eat it yourself. Pick one!

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Weed is vegan and you can go vegetarian at Taco Bell, too. Pick the best veggie option.

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If you're not down for a taco or a burrito, you're going to have to order a Taco Bell specialty. What sounds best?

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Junk food is good and Taco Bell is good so when you put junk food in Taco Bell it's great, right? Yes. Pick the greatest!

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