Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess if You're a Boomer, Gen X, or Millennial

Ian Fortey

What's one of the first things you remember ever eating at Taco Bell?

If you were going to have a soft taco eating contest, how many could you pack away?

If you're inspired to add veggies to something from the menu, what veggie do you want most?

When the mood for tacos strikes, what time of day is it?

Is there any location that makes eating tacos from Taco Bell a little bit more delicious?

A dry taco is an unhappy taco. What is the perfect sauce to give it life?

When you feel the need to eat a quesadilla, what kind do you want the most?

Taco Bell tacos aren't really traditional Mexican fare. What are they really missing?

Taco Bell has a few options for fillings, but what type of taco do you wish they'd add to the menu?

What kind of Mexican cuisine should Taco Bell add to the menu?

What's the absolute best thing that Taco Bell that you could never get sick of eating?

What's the weirdest thing you ever tried at Taco Bell?

Which Taco Bell slogan do you most associate with the restaurant?

What's the best filling for a Taco Bell taco?

If you're in the market for some double tortilla goodness, what will you order?

You're going to want to order a drink with your tacos because dehydration is no laughing matter. What would you choose?

When you're craving refried beans, what are you going to order?

If you're hungry for chicken, what are you going to devour?

Back in the day, Taco Bell burritos were the size of your arm. What's the biggest single item you can eat from the menu these days?

There are a lot of items that have come and gone over the years. Which one would you like them to bring back?

Tacos and bacon don't sound like they should go together, but Taco Bell has made a bunch of bacon items over the years. Which sounds best?

There's plenty of ways to enjoy rice when you're at Taco Bell. What will you order?

If you're down for some potato action, then Taco Bell has your back. What will you order?

You need some spice in your life every so often, right? What's your spicy favorite option?

Have you ever checked out the international Taco Bell menu? It's intense. What sounds best?

When it's first thing in the morning, you need some breakfast. Order your Taco Bell breakfast!

There are a ton of burritos on the menu at Taco Bell; which one do you like the best?

If a taco just isn't bulky enough, what will you order?

Which one of Taco Bell's specialty items is the best one on the menu?

No matter what generation you're from, a party is fun for all. Pick your party pack!

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About This Quiz

As you get older, you can't help but notice yourself losing touch with what's "cool."  You used to be cool, and you probably think you still are, but one day everyone younger than you is listening to different music and wearing different clothes and it's all because the stuff you like isn't cool anymore. There's a gap between generations, and you just don't look at the word the same way. That said, a few things do cross a generational divide - like Taco Bell. 

No matter if you're Gen X, a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, there's a good chance you're a fan of Taco Bell and everything it has to offer. The difference, of course, is in just what you appreciate most on the menu.  Different generations are going to have their favorites, their fond, fast-foody memories of yesteryear. Some items probably aren't even on the menu anymore, and some may be just too weird for the older folks. So how about you go over some of the best Taco Bell has to offer and let us know your opinions. We'll go over the results with a fine-tooth comb and figure out just what generation you're a part of. It's that easy! Take the quiz and see!

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