Build the Perfect Playlist and We'll Tell You Which One of Taylor Swift's Exes Is Perfect for You

Teresa M.

Which Beyonce song would you put at the beginning of your list?

What Katy Perry song would make your playlist?

Which band might find a slot on your playlist?

What kind of music will your playlist have the most play time?

What Taylor Swift song do you like most?

Which John Mayer song do you like most?

Which one-hit wonder might have a place on your list?

What country singer would have a spot on your list?

Which Calvin Harris song would you put on a playlist?

Which Ed Sheeran song would make your list perfect?

Would you add Camila Cabello's "Havana" to your playlist?

Which Rihanna song would you add?

Which Bruno Mars song would you place in the middle of your playlist?

Which Alt J song would you put towards the beginning?

Which Madonna song might make your playlist?

Would you add a Michael Jackson song?

Which '90s band might make the list?

Would you add a song by Gwen Stefani or an old No Doubt song?

Which Blake Shelton song would you add towards the end?

Which of the Chainsmokers songs would you add?

Which of the Jonas Brothers' songs would you add?

Which Kesha song would you put at the end of your playlist?

Which Adele song would you like to put on a playlist the most?

Which Pink song must go on your list?

Which Kanye West song would you add to your list?

Would you add a Prince song?

Which of The Weeknd's songs would you like to add most?

Which Imagine Dragons song would you want on your playlist?

Which Lady Gaga song would you NOT add to your list?

Which Maroon 5 song would you add to complete your playlist?

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About This Quiz

Imagine yourself walking down the beach hand in hand with one of Taylor Swift's exes. Can you picture it? You might think you know which one of her pedigreed list of exes would be perfect to hold your hand, but are you sure? The only way to find out is to build a playlist you would consider perfect. Once we get a good sense of your musical tastes, we'll make sure you are daydreaming about the right TayTay ex. 

You might ask yourself how on earth building a playlist will tell us which one of Taylor Swift's exes would be perfect for you. It's easy! The songs you choose for your ideal playlist will give away something about your personality and the things you demand from a relationship. Sharing the songs that you love the most will, song by song, give us the low down on your preferences in a date. From there, we'll match you up with the traits we've studied in Taylor's exes, and we'll make sure you have ultimate compatibility!

We suggest playing some Katy Perry while you go through the quiz to avoid any Taylor Swift guilt that might pop up. Build your perfect playlist, and we'll hook you up with one of her former boy toys! Ready?

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