Build Your Dream Apartment and We'll Accurately Tell You If You're More Creative or Analytical

Bri O.

How many square feet would the ideal apartment be?

On what floor would you prefer to live?

Would you want your own private entrance?

Where would you prefer to live?

What's the ideal floor plan?

How would you describe your dream apartment...?

How many bedrooms would you like?

Whats the ideal number of bathrooms?

Do you require a lot of counter space for cooking?

Could you deal with minimal storage space?

Does your dream apartment include any "green" features?

Are windows and natural lighting important elements?

What do you envision for the floors?

Would your apartment follow a style or theme?

Do you have pets that would live in the dream apartment?

How high are the ceilings?

Would you want space for an office, studio, or other room?

What do you envision when it comes to artificial lighting?

How do you feel about washer/dryer appliances?

The walls should be what color?

How many different surfaces (i.e. tables) would ideally be placed around?

Which of the following innovative/luxury features would you prefer?

What sorts of rug types do you like best?

How much room should be allotted for shoes and clothing?

Ideally, would you share the apartment with any roommates?

When you picture the kitchen, what comes to mind?

What would be a deal breaker?

What's the ideal parking situation?

Would you want to be within the delivery zone of your favorite restaurants?

Ideally, what would you look for when it comes to outdoor space and yards?

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About This Quiz

We all dream about the luxuries we wish we could have. If you had the chance to design your dream apartment from the floors to the wall decor, what choices would you make? And what does that say about the way you think? Play on to find out!

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