Quiz: Build Your Dream Home Garage and We'll Give You a Muscle Car to Park in It
Build Your Dream Home Garage and We'll Give You a Muscle Car to Park in It
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Is your idea of a rocking Saturday night working on your dream car in your dream garage? If this sounds like heaven to you, then you've navigated to the right quiz. Answer these 30 questions about what you'd put in your dream garage, and we'll give you a muscle car to park in it.

Yeah, we happen to know that in your dreams, you work on your "baby" in a custom built garage. This dream garage of yours is designed to accomplish a number of goals, not the least of which is to have a place to work on your dream car. It's also to make your motorhead friends jealous. Admit it. You want your car friends to salivate at the thought of keeping you company as you fine-tune your master road machine. So, gear up for a few questions about your dream home garage, and we'll reward you with a dream muscle car to park in it.

So, what are the requirements for your dream garage? A rad paint job? Walls lined with cool tools? A complete media system? Or would you be happy with a couple of lawn chairs and a case of beer?

Let's get started to find out what car you'll be parking in your dream garage.

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