Build Your Dream NBA Team And We'll Tell You Which Basketball Legend You Are

By: Gavin Thagard

Which center would you take?

Which Lakers player would you put on your team?

Which NBA star would you choose?

Who would you take off the Celtics?

Which point guard would you take?

Which of these players are you taking?

Which two-way player are you taking?

Which shooting guard would you choose?

Which Miami Heat player would you take?

Which power forward would you take?

Which player would you take?

Which 2018 draft pick would you take?

Which NBA veteran would you take?

Which Thunder role player would you choose?

Which three-point shooter would you take?

Which Rockets player would you choose?

Which rebounder are you taking?

Which Hornets player would you choose?

Which 2017 draft pick are you taking?

Which assists player are you taking?

Which Jazz player would you take?

Which player who changed teams in 2018 would you take?

Which Golden State star would you take?

Which underrated player would you choose?

Which player would you take from the 2016 NBA draft?

Which Spurs player would you take?

Which former NBA MVP would you take?

Which Eastern Conference point guard would you choose?

Which Knicks player would you take?

Which former NBA player would you choose?

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Image: WikiCommons via Keith Allison

About This Quiz

Big shots, tough defense, killer instincts; there is an NBA legend inside every single one of us. What can your dream NBA team tell us about which NBA legend you would be? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

These NBA legends were the stars of the game during their eras. They changed the way basketball is played and the way that the league is viewed around the world. Not only did they make the game of basketball popular, but they turned it into a global brand by taking on roles as ambassadors and leaders of the sport. 

Of course, these NBA legends also dominated their competition on the court. They put up huge numbers from scoring to rebounds to assists while leading their teams to championships. They knew how to perform in the biggest moments, particularly in the playoffs where their legacies were made. These legends made clutch play after clutch play and pushed their teammates to accomplish more than they thought possible. 

Which NBA legend do you think you would be? Why not try building an NBA roster, and we will tell you exactly which legend best fits your personality. Get started and see if we are right about you!

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