Build Your Dream NFL Team and We'll Guess Your Favorite Legendary Coach!

Gavin Thagard

Which of these legendary quarterbacks would you want?

Which deep threat wide receiver fits your team's needs?

Which current running back do you think would be a good team addition?

Who do you want snapping the ball to your quarterback?

Which tight end best fits your offense?

Which guard do you need to get your run game going?

Which tackle do you want guarding your quarterback's blind side?

Which of these superb route-running wide receivers are you adding to your team?

These running backs were so elusive that they rarely got touched. Which one would you take?

Which of these young quarterbacks would you put on your roster?

Who do you want covering the other team's best receiver?

Which of these players do you want getting after the quarterback?

Who do you want stopping up the middle on the defensive line?

Which defensive end do you want covering the end of the line?

Which cornerback in the game today do you want on your team?

Which linebackers do you want operating in the middle of your defense?

Which of these strong safeties do you want making tackles?

Who do you want covering the deep field on defense?

Which outside linebacker best fits your team needs?

These running backs could power through entire defenses. Which one would you take?

Which of these 2018 NFL draft picks are you taking?

Which of these defensive stars currently in the NFL could make plays on your team?

Who do you want from the 1990s All-Decade Team?

These offensive players exploded in 2018. Who would you want on your team?

Which of these Hall of Famers would get a spot on your roster?

Which former NFL MVP quarterback do you think could star on your team?

Each of these running backs had a 2,000-yard​ season during their careers. Who do you want on your team?

Which of these single-season sack leaders could rush passers for your squad?

Which of these Super Bowl MVPs could play in the big game for you?

Which of these players from the 1980s All-Decade Team would you pick for your team?

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Image: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

As with any sport, the history of the NFL is one filled with coaches who left their stamp on the game through innovation, inspiration, and dedication. Through their efforts, these coaches became legends on the gridiron, widely recognized around the football community for their accomplishments. 

When you reflect on what's important to you about football, do you know which legendary coach is your favorite? Why not let us tell you? Here's a quiz where we will do just that!

One of the most important components of being a legendary coach, of course, is putting together a championship roster that is capable of competing in any era against any opposition. That means selecting the best quarterback to lead your offense, the best skill positions to fit your strategy, and the best defenders to defend your end zone. 

Are you ready to put together a championship roster that matches your legendary coach's personality? From receivers to linemen to safeties, you will have some tough options to pick from in this quiz as you form a complete NFL team from some of the greatest stars the game has ever seen. 

When you're ready, get started with selecting your team so we can tell you which coach fits your personality! 

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