Build Your Dream NFL Team and We'll Guess Which Team You Root For

Todd Betzold

Who would you want making the calls on your offense?

Which player will be scoring those touchdowns for your team?

Which player do you want lining up behind your quarterback?

Can you pick a tight end for your team?

Which guy do you want on your offensive line?

You are going to need more men on the offensive line, so who else would you pick?

If you need a tackler, which linebacker would you pick?

Sacking the quarterback is key, so who would be leading your team in sacks?

Field position is key, so a good punter can come in handy. You pick would be?

Field goal points add up, so who is your kicker?

Which player do you want intercepting the opposing quarterback?

Again, field position is key, so who do you want running back the kickoffs?

It's always good to have a backup quarterback, so who would you select?

Now let's get that second running back in place, so who do you select?

Someone has to call the shots, so which coach would you pick?

Can you pick another linebacker for your team?

You are going to need another pass rusher, so which player would you select?

Your team needs a second wide receiver, so who do you pick?

With so many great players on your team, you will need help coaching. Which coach would you add to your team?

You are going to need more help covering your opponent's wide receivers, so who do you want in coverage?

Time to pick some old school players, but playing in their prime. Which quarterback would you select?

Which running back in their prime would you select?

Which old school wide receiver would you pick, if they could play in their prime?

Time to pick some old school players, but playing in their prime. Which tight end would you select?

For the old school players, which offensive lineman would you pick?

Which old school linebacker would you pick for your team?

Which old school defensive lineman would you want on your team?

Time to pick an old school safety for your team. Who would make your cut?

One more time for the kickers. Which old school kicker makes your team?

If you could add any old school coach to your roster, who would it be?

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Image: Photo by Benji Mellish from Pexels

About This Quiz

Whether it's the team that plays in your hometown or the city you live in now, we all have that one NFL team we are loyal to, regardless if they win or lose. We will stand by their side during the highs and lows because that is what true fans do.

Now we have an interesting quiz for you today, as we are going to ask you to build your dream NFL team from the following questions. When you have made it through all of the questions, we will try and guess which NFL team you root for every weekend!

Heck, maybe this quiz will even shock some of you Cowboys fans out there. This whole time you thought you were rooting and loving on the Cowboys, but deep down you were actually a Patriots fan? We don't want to mix Cowboys, Packers and Redskins fans, as that one might get a little testy.

So, do you think you know what your dream NFL team would look like? Does it contain some of your favorites out there right now? We'll be the judge of that, but you just need to make your way through all of the questions and in the end, we'll tell you what team you should be rooting for!

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