Quiz: Build Your Dream Wardrobe and We'll Guess Which City You Really Belong In!
Build Your Dream Wardrobe and We'll Guess Which City You Really Belong In!
By: Steven Miller
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

They say the clothes make the person. We think that your choice of dress is sure to shed some light on your personality and preferences. From there, we'll match you up with a place in the world where your particular style is sure to shine the brightest.

Maybe you're the kind of person who keeps up to date on all the latest trends in fashion and design. If you've attended numerous fashion shows in your life and you don't mind taking a risk on the clothes you wear, New York City seems like it would be an ideal match for you.

Perhaps you prefer a more laid-back and mellow vibe. If hoodies and flannels are more your style and you are likely to have a vast collection of T-shirts from your favorite bands and breweries, then we think you'd truly be in your element in Portland, Oregon.

Alternatively, if you'd be able to fit all of your clothing in one backpack and it would mostly consist of yoga pants and beachwear, we're going to send you off to Ubud, Bali to work on your downward dog and sun salutation poses.

Pack your bag (or bags) it's time to jet set to the place of your fashion dreams.

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