Quiz: Build Your Man Cave and We'll Guess Which NFL Team You Root For!
Build Your Man Cave and We'll Guess Which NFL Team You Root For!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Whether you choose a beer fridge or a wine cooler for your man cave is totally up to you. That's right! For once, you get complete control of one of the rooms in your home. More than that, you get to turn it into the dude space of your dreams. 

Hang up as many mirrors and neon lights as your little heart desires. Put up a sign that bans whining and pants. When it comes to your man cave, you should spare no expense, and you should give in to any half-baked whim you might have. By the time you're done putting your macho hole together, the NFL team you love the most will be obvious! 

While we can't give away all of our secrets, every item that you choose for your man cave and the way you go about getting it says a lot about your team spirit. Let us ask the questions, and try to be as extravagant or as low-key as you want. It's your man cave; it's no one else's! Let's go shopping and spruce up your room. Then, we'll take our best guess about the NFL team that makes you bite your nails every Sunday. Ready, set, hike! 

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