Build Your Man Cave and We'll Tell You Which Western Star You Are

Steven Miller

Will you have a pool table in your man cave?

How big of a TV will you have in there?

Will you have a video game console of some kind?

How stocked is your bar going to be?

Will you have a library?

Which location best fits your ideal man cave?

Will there be a chess board in your man cave?

Which style of decoration best fits your special spot?

Will you have a golf simulator in your man cave?

Are you going to be building things in your man cave?

How expansive will the speaker system be in your man cave?

How much seating will there be in your man cave?

Are you going to be playing any musical instruments?

How appealing are model trains, planes, and automobiles to you?

Which sport will be the biggest part of your man cave?

Will you watch movies in your man cave?

How important is it for you to be able to cook/grill in your man cave space?

Which beverage will always be available in your man cave?

Will you have a poker table in your man cave?

How much gambling do you expect to take place in your special room?

Which colors sound the most appealing for your man cave?

How often do you expect to be in your man cave?

Will your man cave have more of a modern urban feel or a rustic and natural vibe?

Do you plan to spend more time by yourself or with others in your man cave?

Are you going to be doing any painting in your man cave?

Do you consider yourself to be a poet?

How into cars and racing are you?

What kind of music will be playing in your man cave?

Will you have any classic arcade or pinball games?

Are you going to hire someone to build your man cave or will you build it yourself?

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About This Quiz

Is your special spot a gambler's den or an artist's retreat? Let us know your must-have items, and we'll pair you up with a Western star who would have felt right at home there.

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