Build Your MLB Dream Team, and We'll Guess How Old You Are

Zoe Samuel

You have to start your rotation somewhere. Who is the bullpen ace?

Time to stick the power in the corner. Who gets relegated to right field?

Everyone needs a little relief, but some people need a lot! Who would you like in long relief?

This one will come out of nowhere: Who do you like for left field?

What uniform would you like to see your dream team wearing?

You've got a big open spot that needs patrolling. Who starts in center field?

The bullpen roles are changing. Who would you like in middle relief?

The good news here is you can splurge like Steinbrenner in the 2000s! Who do you like as your backup catcher?

Second banana isn't so bad when you're a starting pitcher. Who slots in as your number two starting pitcher?

Time to pick who takes the biggest beating! Who is your backstop?

Every super hero needs a sidekick. Who would you pick as your setup man?

Don't ignore the utilities! Which player is your utility man?

Who would you want managing this team?

Even some infielders need a cannon for an arm. Who stands in the hot corner, at third?

You need someone to slam the door! Who do you like as your closer?

Pitchers are notoriously superstitious, so number three could be lucky! Which pitcher makes it as your number three starter?

The rules, they are a-changing. AL or NL, who rides the bench, as DH?

You don't have to be short in stature to be a great shortstop! Who starts at short?

What clever larceny would you turn a blind eye to your team employing?

Soft hands, but probably a soft arm: Who is your starting second baseman?

Someone's gotta ride the bench. Who would you like as your backup outfielder?

Which maneuver do you want your team to emphasize?

Four is the lowest whole non-prime number! Whose arm is number four in your rotation?

You gotta have a plan B. Who acts as the backup first baseman in your dream team?

Where do you put your most powerful hitter in your lineup?

How long should a starting pitcher be left on the mound?

Five isn't the loneliest number, that's for sure! Which hurler rounds out your rotation?

How do you measure the effectiveness of a batter on your squad?

Power, defense, both are needed at this position. Who stands watch over first base on your squad?

With all these big personalities, do you think your clubhouse will get along?

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About This Quiz

Ever since Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball, the national pastime has undergone changes with every generation. At first, all teams were amateurs, but with Lip Pike, the first professional baseball player, the game changed. Then there were the two big leagues, National and American, in competition for fans. When they combined for the World Series, it was magical, and the formula was born. There was the deadball era. The expansion era. The steroid era. Every period had its heroes, and every hero has his fans. The baby boom generation watched as great teams from the Yankees and the Reds took the World Series by storm. Generation X had the Braves of the early 1990s, and Millennials have watched baseball history as the Red Sox, Cubs, and Giants all won World Series championships long overdue.

If you put together a dream MLB team, it may not be all down to your favorite players from your own age, but the sort of lore you were fed by your parents. If you take the time to put together a professional organization, we can guess with a high degree of accuracy how old you are. Really! Give this quiz a shot and find out!

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