Quiz: Build Your MLB Dream Team and We'll Tell You Which Legendary Coach You Are!
Build Your MLB Dream Team and We'll Tell You Which Legendary Coach You Are!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Wikicommons

About This Quiz

Baseball has changed a lot over the years, and with those changes have come players who specialize in the tactics and virtues of their period of baseball. Before Babe Ruth, the home run was not considered an important tool in the game. Back then, players played "small ball"; they focused on manufacturing runs by hitting singles, stealing bases, and bunting. 

In the so-called Deadball Era, the ball wasn't an immutable constant either. For a time, players were permitted to scuff the ball, smear it with saliva or Vaseline, and hitting was much more difficult. In recent years, teams have started putting baseballs in humidors to keep them from drying out. This both gives pitchers a better grip, and it complicates the physics of hitting a home run. Players adjust to these changes, as well as others, and become players of their position specific to the time in which they play.

For this quiz, you will build your field of dreams. You will assemble an all-star team of baseball players from throughout history. We will examine the choices you made and why, and we will tell you which legendary baseball manager you are. Are you a patient general, willing to lose a battle to win the war, or are you a fiery combatant, going to town on the umpires any time a ball is called a strike? Take this quiz and find out!

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