Quiz: Build Your MLB Dream Team and We'll Tell You if You'll Make It to the World Series!
Build Your MLB Dream Team and We'll Tell You if You'll Make It to the World Series!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Arturo Pardavila III

About This Quiz

Other sports may rise and fall in their popularity, depending on the costs involved in participating, the odds of permanently damaging your brain, and simply what's fashionable and available in your area. Football is on the way out now, with many parents concerned that even the amateur game is a quick ticket to more concussions than are entirely healthy (that is, more than zero). Soccer is on the rise, but it struggles to get the TV ratings necessary for the American game to truly capture the nation's heart. Basketball is too physically compact for large crowds to attend, limiting its potential, and hockey is rather expensive unless you live somewhere that's sufficiently icy for a significant portion of the year. Track and field requires a particular sort of body, while swimming needs a pool.

That's why baseball is the national pastime. It's more than 150 years old at this point, and the amateur, collegiate, and professional games are flourishing. No matter whether you're three or 103, you can participate, using a designated hitter or runner to stand in for you if necessary, or be relegating yourself to the outfield and hoping the ball doesn't come your way. That democratic appeal is why many of us are drawn to the game, and why we often have a dream team, made up of players throughout history, hailing from rival teams. Tell us about yours, and we'll assess whether they'd make it in today's game!

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