Build Your NBA Dream Team, and We'll Guess How Old You Are

Brian Whitney

You need one last shot to win the game, who do you want shooting it?

Without looking it up, which of these players do you think has scored the most career points?

Which player would you consider to be the worst draft pick ever?

Every team needs a floor general. Who would be the point guard on your dream team?

You have to pick someone to protect the rim. Who do you choose?

A good squad needs someone who is totally intense. Who is your guy?

You wouldn't have a Dream Team without a good shooting guard. Who do you choose?

Your team needs someone to bring the ball up who has good hands. Who do you pick?

You can't score if you don't take good shots. Who is your best passer?

Sometimes a steal can turn a game around. Who makes that big play for you?

Every team wants a player who is a winner on it. Which player do you think has the most championships?

A good small forward is going to be needed. Who's that going to be?

Someone is going to have to pull down those defensive rebounds. Who will it be?

Rebounds are important. The team needs a guy who is a beast on the offensive glass. Which one of these guys does that best?

Which beast of a power forward do you want to be a big part of your team?

Don't forget you need a big man in the middle. Which one do you want?

You need someone who can really sky. Who is going to be your best dunker?

Who will be your fastest player when you need to break the press?

You're probably going to have a resident head case on the team. Who will it be?

Players need good nicknames. Which of the following is your favorite?

Someone on your team is going to have to make free throws. Who's it going to be?

There will also be someone you don't want on the free throw line at the end of games. Which of these players is that?

You want guys who can shoot the three really well, so which of these players do you want shooting a bomb?

All teams have one gunner with no conscience, but which one will you deal with?

Which of the guys on your team do you think would make the best coach?

Your team needs a guy who plays a lot of minutes. Who might that be?

Some of these guys are going to drive you crazy. Who might be the laziest guy on your team?

A coach's dream is a guy who always hustles. Who might that guy on your team be?

Some guys are good even though they're short. Which player under 6 feet tall do you want on the team?

You want a good all-around player off the bench. Which player do you want to be your 6th man?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Keith Allison

About This Quiz

Basketball is an incredible sport. The game itself is exciting on any level, but to most true basketball fans there is nothing they would rather watch than an NBA game. And why not? The athletes in the NBA are truly some of the best in the entire world. The game has changed a lot over the years, but there is no doubt that each era in basketball had some incredible players. As a matter of fact, no matter how old you are, if you're an NBA fan you probably think that the players you watched were the very best of all time.

Just for an example, which of the following centers do you think is the best? Do you favor the finesse of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the defensive intensity of Bill Russell, the raw talent of Shaquille O'Neal, or the athleticism and pivot moves of Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon? We think which one of those you pick will give us a pretty good idea of how old you are, and if you happen to think that Joel Embiid is better than all of them that tells us all we need to know. Build your NBA dream team and we'll guess your age!

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