Build Your NHL Dream Team, and We'll Guess How Old You Are

Daniel Yetman

Which one of these goalies do you want in your net?

What's your pick amongst these net-minders?

It's sudden death overtime in game 7 of the Stanley Cup final. Who do you trust?

Who are you putting behind the pipes?

Who is going to be anchoring your defensive squad?

Which one of these D-men are going to best help your team win?

Who do you think is the best choice of these players?

All these defensemen are stars. But which one are you choosing for your team?

Who's going to lead your team to victory?

They're all good, but which of these blue liners is the best?

In a high-pressure situation, which one of these players do you think is going to deliver?

Which one of these guys do you want manning the blue line?

Who's going to win you a face off?

You can only pick one of these centers for your dream team. Who's it going to be?

There's no wrong answer here, but who are you picking?

You need somebody to win a face off in a high pressure situation. Who's on the ice?

Which one of these star centers do you want on your team?

Who's taking the draw for your team?

Which one of these guys are you taking for left wing?

Which of these left wingers is going to help your team win?

Are you going with a playmaker or a scorer?

Here are four good options to anchor your left wing. Who are you selecting?

These four wingers have all dominated in the NHL. Who do you want?

Who are you taking as your last left winger?

Which right winger are you taking first?

You need a goal fast to tie the game. Who's going to get it done?

Which one of these right wingers are you going to select?

Any of these guys can surely help your team, but who best fits your team chemistry?

Who are you putting on right wing?

Who's going to be the last player you select to your team?

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Image: Dmytro Aksonov/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's hard not to romanticize the heroes of your childhood. When you were playing street hockey with your friends as a kid, who were you pretending to be? In this quiz, you can choose four goalies, eight defensemen, and six forwards from each position to fill out your roster. 

Do you want a team filled with scorers or a team filled with playmakers who are going to control the puck? Do you want your defensemen to have booming slapshots or to shut down the other team's offense? There are no wrong decisions because all these players have dominated the league at one point or another.

It's almost impossible to compare players from one generation with players from another. Hockey has changed a lot throughout the years. It's gone through periods of high scoring and periods of almost no scoring. Wayne Gretzky still holds the record for most goals in a season with 92, but how do you think a player like Ovechkin would stack up if he played during the 1980s? It's impossible to say, but it's fun to speculate. 

How do you think these players stack up against each other? Start building your dream team, and we'll analyze your selection to figure out your age!

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