Build Your Own Computer and We'll Tell You Which Job You Should Really Have!

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

What form factor would you buy?

Would you buy everything from one manufacturer?

Would you buy new or used?

How cool does your computer have to be?

What OS will you buy?

Will you need a touchscreen?

What is your budget?

What are your feelings about mouse ergonomics?

What kind of monitor would you like?

Do you need disc drives?

How much storage do you need?

What keyboard would you buy?

Would you put a skin on your keyboard?

How would you set up your hard drives?

How would you configure your RAM?

How much of a warranty do you want?

Would you get a USB 3 PCI card?

How many monitors would you like?

What expansion device would you buy?

What are your plans for backups?

What wireless capacities do you want?

How will you personalize your computer?

What kind of router will you use?

What is the computer chassis made from?

What cooling system will you use?

What do you consider essential software?

How often will you replace your computer?

Will you make hardware upgrades as time passes?

What will you plug your computer into?

What little extra would you like for your system?

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About This Quiz

Just as the clothes make the man, the same goes for computers. The tools you use say a lot about you and what you will use them for. Think about what your dream computer would be like, and take this quiz to find out what it says about your career path.

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