Build Your Own Disney Storyline and We'll Reveal Your True Love Prince

Ian Fortey

In your Disney story, what kind of person are you going to be?

When we first meet you, what kind of life will you be living?

Every Disney story has to include a sidekick or two. What kind of sidekick do you want to have along the way?

Most Disney movies include family dynamics in some way. Will your family be a part of your adventure?

Is your story going to involve you going on a journey at all?

Everyone needs a little animal friend in their life, do you think you'll have an animal friend in your story?

Obviously,​ you're finding your prince at the end, but is that what you're looking for to begin with?

You have to deal with a villain at some point. What kind of villain will you have?

Just like heroes, villains need sidekicks. What kind of sidekick will your villain have?

You need to pick the right location for your story. Where will it take place?

Do you expect that you'll be doing much singing in your story?

Are you going to have any kind of special abilities in your story?

Many characters in Disney need rescuing. Are you hoping a prince comes to save you?

When the villain shows up for the first time, what do you think should happen?

If you want some heightened drama, maybe there can be some kind of betrayal. Will someone betray you?

Will your prince be in love with you from the moment he sees you?

Is there going to be someone standing in the way of you and the prince falling in love?

How is magic going to affect how your story plays out?

Are your sidekicks going to prove themselves useful at saving the day at any point?

What will happen to the villain at the end of the story?

When the final battle happens with the villain, will you take them on alone or will others be involved?

After the villain is defeated, what will happen?

Once the story is over, do you think there could be room for a sequel?

When you're in the worst danger of the entire story, what's going to turn things around?

Who would have the most memorable musical number in the entire story?

Will there be any point in the story when you're pretty sure a sidekick has died?

When you and the prince realize you're in love, will it be early or later in the story?

Will your story include an older, wiser person who gives you advice?

Will any of your sidekick characters have a romantic storyline?

Do you think you'd be able to rescue your prince instead of the other way around?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation / Silver Screen Partners IV / Youtube

About This Quiz

There's a good reason Disney is as huge a force in the world of entertainment as it is - Disney makes fun, compelling and interesting movies full of characters we love.  Unlike some movies that you forget in a year, you can watch a Disney movie that's as old as your grandparents and still get caught up in the story. They're just that good. And while it can be fun to imagine yourself in those magical roles with all of those characters, wouldn't it be better if the story was centered around you?  Well, why not make it happen?

Since so many Disney movies involve a princess finding her prince, why not just build your own Disney story right here and now and find out who your prince should be?  Answer some questions about the kind of story you'd want to be a part of and we'll pick the perfect Prince Charming (though maybe not the actual Prince Charming, he might be busy) to come and sweep you off your feet?  And hey, maybe there will be room for a comedy relief sidekick and a Grammy-award winning musical number in the middle of it all.  It's your story, after all.  So take the quiz and see what happens!

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