Quiz: Build Your Perfect Dorm Room and We'll Give You a Celebrity RA!
Build Your Perfect Dorm Room and We'll Give You a Celebrity RA!
By: Teresa M.
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Without an individualized touch, dorm rooms are boring concrete boxes! However, with a clever sense of design, some wall hangings, and a little storage, they can become an oasis. Share the way you would build a dorm room, and we'll give you a celebrity RA to monitor your floor. Which one will it be? You'll have to find out. 

Although dorm rooms are set up for efficiency, they are not the most imaginative or creative spaces. That's where you come in! There's no spending limit to decorate your perfect dorm room. Will you make the most of your room with Ikea furniture, or will you splash out on something pricier? The way you put your perfect dorm room together will go a long way toward letting us know which celebrity RA would be best for you. You need someone looking out for you that you can trust, so we'll match you with the star that your design choices tell us you can confide in. 

Customize your walls, floors, and the place you most like to study; then, we'll pick out a celebrity RA that would make you feel right at home. Ready to find out if it's Snoop Dog or someone else? Let's get building! 

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