Quiz: Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Correctly Guess Your College Major
Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Correctly Guess Your College Major
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

As you build your perfect dorm room, spare no expense! Deck the walls in anything you please, and we'll let you know what you majored in during college. It's not so much a matter of being messy or neat. It's more about your taste in furniture, bedding and decorations. Then again, we will also need to know how you would arrange your room and if you need your mom to help. 

Surviving your college years is only made possible by having your own little nest of a dorm room. As your home, your hub and your center, your dorm room naturally goes from boring brick walls to being a far more personal space. Your little touches are what make you feel comfortable living away from home, for what may be the very first time. The way you put together your ultimate dorm room will tell us where your skills lie! It will also make it possible for us to guess your major. 

Whether you prefer a bean bag chair or sitting at a desk will give away big clues about the kind of books you know inside and out! There's no need to cram for this quiz, and you won't be graded. We'll just take a stab at the major you declared! 

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