Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Reveal if You Should Go To a Big or Small College

Tori Highley

Which sheets would you love to put on your new Twin-XL mattress?

How many roommates do you want?

Which of these throw pillows will keep your bed comfortable?

What extra do you have to have room for in your room?

From these options, how do you plan to set up your bed?

What style bathrooms would you rather have?

Which of these posters are you definitely putting up on your wall?

Which of these desk chairs will inspire you to study?

What will be the best use of your command strips?

Other than posters, what will adorn your walls?

What kind of music will be playing to drown out your neighbors?

Which potted plant will bring serenity to your room?

What kind of snacks will you need a three month supply of?

How many fun coffee mugs will you need?

What style of furniture would your dream dorm have?

Which of these tabletop games can you not leave at home?

What will you use to hold all of your pens?

Which of these blankets will you use to stay cozy on those late study sessions?

Of the following, how will you add ambiance to your room for movie nights?

Where will your prized stuffed animal from home be located?

Of the following: which window treatments will help cozy up the room?

How will you improvise extra seating in your dorm?

Which of these sounds like the best way to add extra style to your room?

Which of these will most help you organize your on-campus life?

Of the following: what would adorn your door?

Which of these views would you love to wake up to every morning?

Since candles are a no-go, what will freshen up your room between cleanings?

Which shower curtain would brighten your morning?

Which of these rugs will help cozy up the drab dorm floors?

Of the following: what feature would draw you to hang out in the dorm lounges?

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About This Quiz

With everything to consider, choosing a college is tough work. It is essential to be sure your college has majors that interest you, but the atmosphere of a campus can make or break your college experience. Without a college visit, it can be hard to tell if you'll click with a college. However, there are a definitely few indicators of the atmosphere that you can find just from the online stats.

While pamphlets and statistics can say a lot about what the students at a campus care about, the size of a college can say even more. Larger schools tend to be fueled by athletics and club involvement. These schools are excellent for outgoing people who are always looking for something to do and new people to meet. Small schools tend to be fueled by academics and close-knit friendships, making them great for people who emphasize quality in their relationships and work. And medium schools get the best of both worlds! 

This quiz can help you make sure you get everything you want out of your college experience. Not only will you start thinking about your adorable dorm room, but you will also find out what size college will work best for you. Let us help you decide on the perfect college size for you with our dorm room quiz!

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