Build Your Perfect Man Cave and We'll Guess What Kind of Woman You'll Marry!

Mark Lichtenstein

How tidy is your man cave?

How many fiction books are there in your man cave?

How many physical magazines do you read?

How many nonfiction books are there?

What color did you paint the walls?

What part of the house is it in?

How long did it take to decorate?

Are there any trophies?

Do you have educational certificates in your man cave?

Is your marriage certificate in there?

Do you have a television to watch?

Do you play video games in your man cave?

Is there art on the walls?

Did you create any of the art?

What kind of seating is there?

How many projects do you have in there?

Do you do projects in your man cave simultaneously or one by one?

What posters are there?

Do the drawers have labels?

What's your storage like?

Are there curtains or blinds?

What is on the floor?

Is there a bar?

Are there any sport related items you don't use in your man cave?

How do you get through the door?

Are there any gimmicky things like hidden closets?

Is there a doggie bed in the man cave?

Is there a landline in there?

Is there an Internet connection?

Do you ever eat in there?

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About This Quiz

Who need's Batman's cave when you could have your own man cave in your home? From big screen TVs to a pool table, build your perfect man cave and we'll tell you what kind of woman you'll marry!

Where did the idea of a man cave come from? No one knows, but it's clear that they're here to stay! In the "history" of man caves, they are a common place that is a wife-free zone! While many relationships might show the women or the couple deciding on decor for the entire house, the man cave is the husband's territory! 

On TV, you might've caught a few man caves. In the show Married... with Children, Al Bundy's man cave was in his garage. In the Kevin James sitcom, The King of Queens, we watch Doug Heffernan's man cave move from the basement to the garage.

When it comes to most man caves, you'll find trends. Many of them are found in basements or garages. A lot of them also include some of the same things! You'd probably find a flat screen TV in there. It needs to come equipped with a couch and definitely a few bits of sports memorabilia. You might keep your tools in there or a mini fridge! Is it clean or messy? What would your perfect man cave have? 

Build your perfect man cave and we'll tell you what kind of woman you'll marry! Will she be a creative artist or a professional executive?

Let's find out!

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