Build Your Perfect Super Bowl Party Spread and We'll Guess How Big of a Football Fan You Are

Bri O.

Which of the following is a super bowl party must-have?

How many people does the perfect party spread feed?

How many different types of dips should there be?

Is cheese an important staple?

How does pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon sound?

How much time goes into preparing the perfect spread?

Which is the bigger spectacle: the game or the party spread?

What proportion of the dishes should be spicy?

Which nacho topping is essential for your spread?

Is bread involved in the ultimate spread?

It's halftime, what's about to come out of the oven?

What sorts of beverages accompany the perfect spread?

How many different courses are there to the perfect spread?

How many different types of meat are included?

Will there be leftovers?

What's a must have when it comes to dessert?

Is there anything that would ruin the perfect spread?

How many total dishes make up the ultimate spread?

Are there options for vegans or people with lactose intolerance?

How long should a dish last when placed out for guests to munch on?

What was your favorite recent Super Bowl?

Would the perfect spread incorporate any themes?

Where would the perfect spread be laid out?

Who would cook the spread?

Will anything deep fried be served?

How difficult is it to prepare the dishes?

How important are veggies to the perfect spread?

What's your favorite part of the spread?

Do you compare your spreads to others'?

How should the food leave you feeling?

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About This Quiz

In all of the world, there is no cooler sporting event than the Super Bowl, which is why there are so many totally awesome Super Bowl parties to go along with it. But with every good party comes a little bit of pressure and a lot of planning. When the crowd shows up for the game, you are going to need some food - and when I say "some," what I really mean is "a lot." Do you really want to sit around watching that insanely long halftime show without enough food to keep you entertained?

So what might you have? It wouldn't be a Super Bowl party if you didn't have pizza - pretty much everyone likes that. And you are going to need chips of some sort - the regular kind, and then maybe some with guacamole too. Nothing makes a good Super Bowl party like some killer chicken wings, and if you are feeling adventurous maybe you could cook up some chili too. 

When it comes right down to it, the only limitations that you have are your imagination and maybe your budget, so let's hurry up and take this quiz so we can figure out what kind of spread you want to have before the kickoff happens. 

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