Quiz: The Ultimate Building a Wheelchair Ramp Quiz
The Ultimate Building a Wheelchair Ramp Quiz
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About This Quiz

The American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 dramatically changed our legal attitudes toward the physically challenged. Among the laws enacted was the requirement for wheelchair accessibility at many public facilities and businesses, mostly by way of wheelchair ramps. Do you know how to build one of these ramps to ADA specifications? Take our quiz, and learn more about how to build a proper wheelchair ramp.

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Which of these congressional acts paved the way for wheelchair ramp standards?
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To what kinds of locations does the ADA apply?
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The ADA requires that wheelchair ramps be at least how wide?
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Besides the ramp that allows the wheelchair to climb vertically, a ramp must also have what?
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The landings at the top and bottom of a wheelchair ramp must be at least how long?
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A ramp with a horizontal projection of more than 72 inches must have which of these?
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If you multiply the slope ratio by the height of the ramp you will determine which of these?
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According to the ADA, the acceptable range of a ramp's slope is what?
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One of the advantages of using concrete to build a wheelchair ramp is what?
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The main disadvantage to using concrete is which of these?
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What is the main disadvantage to building a ramp out of wood?
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When building a ramp out of wood, you must use what size lumber?
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When building a ramp out of wood you must make sure to do which of these?
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Which of these is the best metal to use for building a ramp?
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The final section of a ramp will have which of the following?
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