Quiz: World Records: Buildings
World Records: Buildings
By: Staff
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There are world records out there for the strangest things, and the "buildings" category is no exception. How much do you know about the world's structures?

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The Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai, is the world's tallest building. How tall is it?
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The tallest Lego structure ever built was completed in 2012. Can you hazard a guess as to how tall it is?
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A library in China holds the world record for "highest library." Exactly how high is this library?
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The biggest mud building in the world is the Grand Mosque in Djenne, Mali. What are its dimensions?
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How many square feet comprise the largest commercial building in the world -- the flower auction building in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands?
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How long is the longest bridge in the world -- the Second Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana?
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There is a working postbox resting on the floor of Susami Bay, Japan. How deep underwater is it?
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How much marble does the heaviest building in the world contain? (If it helps, it's the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania.)
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The heaviest building ever moved intact is the Fu Gang building in Guangxi Province, China. It took 11 days to move this building 116.8 feet (35.6 meters). How much does it weigh?
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The largest palace in the world is the Imperial Palace in Beijing. What are its dimensions?
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