Quiz: The Ultimate Butterflies and Moths Quiz
The Ultimate Butterflies and Moths Quiz
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About This Quiz

What's the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Is it just a matter of looks? Take our quiz and learn more about butterflies, moths and the differences between them.

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How many pairs of wings do butterflies and moths have?
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How many more moths are there than butterflies?
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When are butterflies most active?
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Which has the more slender body?
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What order do moths and butterflies belong to?
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How wide are the blue morhpo butterfly's wings?
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What number do the scales on the eighty-eight butterfly form?
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What color are the esmerelda butterfly's wings?
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What color are African cymotho butterflies?
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How many inches wide is the world's largest butterfly's wings?
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In which country does the Cairn's birdwing live?
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What is Europe's most unusual butterfly?
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Where else is the Japanese emperor butterfly found?
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At which stage of development are butterflies and moths pests?
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Which type of moth has been domesticated?
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Which plant should be used to attract swallowtail butterflies?
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How many species of butterflies are in danger of extinction?
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Which of the butterfly and moth's five senses is most sensitive?
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What shape are a moth and butterfly's eye lenses?
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What do moths and butterflies use their legs for?
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