Quiz: Calculate Your Brain's Age With This Test
Calculate Your Brain's Age With This Test
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

A number of factors go into determining how young your brain actually is. For one, your outlook on life will contribute to the premature aging of the mind or a rejuvenation that brings a youthful sense of awe, even for those who have been around the block many times. Beyond attitude, a brain that is regularly challenged with puzzles and brain-teasers is sure to hold on to much of the vibrancy of younger days.

Also, your diet will affect the cells in your brain as well. If you're out there chowing down on fast food and every piece of junk you can get your hands on, there's a good chance that your mind is not going to be as agile as it could be.

All that being said, there are definitely some drawbacks to having a gray matter that has limited experience in the real world. For example, a brain with less experience is much more likely to get overtaken by strong emotional activity and reptilian knee-jerk reactions. It is usually only with years of lessons in the school of hard knocks that we come to regulate our baser cerebral instincts, as well as learning how to see the big picture in life.

Whether you are a youngster or an elder, much of what determines your mental age has to do with attitude and lifestyle. Let's find out if you're as youthful as you think you are.

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