Can We Accurately Guess Your Eye Color Based on What You Put in Your Makeup Bag?

Isadora Teich

Which shade of red lipstick is a must-have for your makeup bag?

Which type of brow product do you like best?

What kind of coverage do you look for in foundation?

Only one pop-of-color eyeshadow can go in your bag. Which do you choose?

What do you look for most in mascara?

Which type of highlighter do you prefer?

Do you use primer beneath foundation?

What in your makeup bag do you use to apply foundation?

What tone of blush goes in your makeup bag?

What kind of lip product do you have most of?

Which could you most easily do without in your makeup bag?

Which kind of lip color do you own the most of?

If you had to pick one unusual mascara color, which would you choose?

What do you look for in a setting spray?

Which finish do you like best in lip products?

What type of eyeliner do you go for?

What kind of foundation do you wear most often?

What do you want most in an eyeshadow palette?

In your makeup bag, what do you have the most of?

How do you feel about black lipstick?

Which do you wear least?

What kind of coverage do you want from concealer?

What kind of highlighter do you like?

Do you own any glosses?

Which foundation finish is your one true love?

Do you like sheer products?

How important is packaging to you?

What kind of eyeshadows do you like best?

Do you own any false lashes?

What do you look for in a bronzer?

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About This Quiz

Are you a makeup lover with a makeup bag so full that you can barely close it? Maybe you even have several bags - or drawers and drawers - dedicated to all things beauty. For some people, having more than one chapstick seems excessive. For others, beauty is a true obsession and a way of life. Many people fall in the middle and keep their daily favorites on hand, but they don't have a whole vanity dedicated to their favorites. Whether you have a whole drawer full of just lipsticks, or a few favorites, put us to the test. See if we can guess your eye color based on what's in your makeup bag.    

Do you swear by high-end brands? Or are you royalty when it comes to finding the perfect dupes, or are you just amazing at finding products at a fraction of the original price? Whether you prefer Guerlain or ColourPop, let us see if we can guess your eye color based on all of your makeup preferences. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but can what's in your makeup bag be the window to guessing your eye color? Put us to the test and let's find out right now!  

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