Can We Actually Guess Which Christian Denomination You Are?

Tasha Moore

Approximately how big is your denomination?

Which sacraments does your denomination recognize?

How does your faith deal with the scriptures?

Who was a major thought leader of your denomination?

Which people have the authority over church affairs?

Which theological text was influential in shaping your faith?

What is the cornerstone belief of your faith?

What is the nature of worship in your church?

What are your denomination's views on the less fortunate?

What style of prayer is recited in church?

How many divinely inspired books do you recognize?

What does the Communion ritual represent?

Whom should followers aspire to be most like?

Who is responsible for biblical interpretation?

Which university is affiliated with your denomination?

What is a major ritual that you celebrate?

How can salvation be attained?

What types of baptism do you recognize?

How should the Bible be interpreted?

What is the logo for your denomination?

How does your church perceive the importance of the Holy Spirit?

How does your denomination handle the public declaration of faith?

What type of revivals does your faith engage in?

Was there ever a celebrity who was affiliated with your faith?

What do your select doctrines place emphasis on?

Does your denomination acknowledge historical creeds and doctrine?

How sure are you of Christ's presence when practicing rituals?

What is the name of your church service?

Whom did Jesus die for?

Who is the founder of your denomination?

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About This Quiz

Take a minute or two to think about the fact that there are a few billion Christians around the world. That's pretty impressive! This quiz explores some of why so many people from all walks of life flock readily to the tenets of the faith. Answer some faith-based questions, and see if we can guess which Christian denomination you are affiliated with.

Based on your spiritual personality, style of worship and the theological texts you consult (or not), we can give our best estimation of which sect of the faith you have chosen to spearhead all aspects of your life. No matter the denomination, one thing is for sure: You believe in ordering your steps in the ways of Christ and righteousness! So be exceedingly glad and proud that you've chosen to be part of a fearless group of faith soldiers always striving to be the best for themselves, for God and for Christ. Would you choose to have it any other way? And if you are curious about the faith, this quiz is a great way to assess your level of interest.

Scroll forward and bear witness to how Christianity brings people together for a divine purpose. Can we guess your denomination based on your humble responses? Find out now!

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