Can We Actually Guess Which State You Live In?

Zoe Samuel

How many people in your state work in the media?

How late are people, usually?

How far is the distance of your commute to work?

How many people in your state work in agriculture?

How much cold weather clothing do you need to get by where you live?

How would you describe your most hardcore boots?

What sport is biggest in your area in the summer?

Is your state specifically the home of your regional sports franchise?

What crop would your state be known for?

What state would you definitely not want to live in?

How educated is your state compared with the average for the country?

What percentage of your fellow statesmen would you estimate are transplants?

How many people in your state work in mining?

How many languages are commonly spoken in your state?

For what sport is your region known?

How much new home construction is there in your state's major urban centers?

How many people in your state work in manufacturing?

How far do you have to drive away from the major cities to get to a really quiet place where you can't hear or see any planes or cars?

How close do you live to your nearest neighbor?

How's the social safety net in your state?

How many internet service providers do you have in your area?

How politically active is your community?

How much "old money" do you have in your state?

How many people in your state work in health care?

What kind of tourists visit your state?

What kind of shoes do you tend to wear in the summer?

How long have you lived in your state?

What sport would you practice in the winter?

What state (other than the one you live in) would you be willing to live in?

How long in time is your commute to work?

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About This Quiz

"E pluribus unum" is the traditional motto of the United States. It's Latin, and translates as "Out of many, one." The United States may be one nation, but it is made up of 50 states, several territories, and a district. Those 50 states alone are a tremendously varied collection of regional cultures, lifestyles, religious groups and industries.

Listen to a political analyst and they'll describe the nation with words like "the Rust Belt" and "the Left Coast" but these terms are reductive and demean the proud regional cultures that make up the USA. Some parts of the country have a long history going back to the nation's founding, with some events to be proud of, and some to be a little squeamish about. Others were born in the era of expansion, when Manifest Destiny prompted Americans to push west until they met the Pacific, building farms, digging mines and establishing trade with the far east.

Some parts of the country even have their own cuisine, prompting the creation of "California-style pizza", "Chicago-style pizza" and "New York-style pizza" joints all over the world. With all these tiny variations in the culture, how could anyone say for sure where someone lives with just a simple questionnaire? Take this quiz, and you'll find out.

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