Can We Actually Guess Your Cat's Name in Only 30 Questions?!

Ian Fortey

To get into the mind of your cat, we need to know what we're dealing with. What kind of cat do you have?

Where do you and your cat call home?

How does your cat respond to a little dash of the catnip?

What's your cat's absolute favorite place to sleep in the whole house?

Cats are known to be finicky eaters from time to time. What's your cat's favorite food?

Traditionally, cats and dogs do not get along. Does your cat like pups?

Cats are known to be good hunters. Has your cat ever tracked down any prey for you?

If you've been out of the house all day, how does your cat greet you when you finally get home?

There's a lot of perks to owning a cat, but let's be honest, there are a few drawbacks. What's the worst part about owning a cat?

Where did you get your cat from?

There's a stereotype for "crazy cat ladies" out there, but if you love one cat there's a good chance you've had others. How many cats have you had in your life?

Does your cat ever share a meal with you? What do you feed the cat that you probably shouldn't?

What does your cat think of a trip to see the veterinarian?

If your cat needs some medication like a pill, how do you have to administer it?

Cats have some different ways to express their feelings. How can you tell your cat is happy?

Even an old cat likes to play sometimes. What toy is your cat's favorite?

If you couldn't have a cat, what kind of pet do you think you'd have?

You can find a lot of cats in pop culture. Which fictional kitty do you like the most?

Cats are considered pretty low-maintenance pets that are fun to relax with. How do you like to relax at home?

There's a massive industry of pet products out there. Have you ever bought clothes for your cat?

Dogs are all about doing tricks like rolling over or playing fetch. Does your cat know any tricks?

Do you leave food out for the cat or do you feed it at a specific time?

Cats seem to like music sometimes. What kind of music do you listen to with your cat?

Cats have a range of personalities, but how would you describe your cat in one word?

How into grooming your cat are you?

Cats sleep a lot but they do spend a few hours a day awake. What does your cat seem to like to do with its day?

If you're having friends or family over to visit, how does your cat respond?

If someone tries to pick up your cat, how do you respond?

An angry cat is a fearsome sight to behold. What horror movie villain is your cat most like?

How does your cat let you know it needs some time by itself?

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About This Quiz

Humans and cats have been hanging out together for literally thousands of years. In that time, there have been some pretty famous kitties.  Abraham Lincoln once had a cat named Tabby. Ernest Hemingway had a 6-toed cat named Snowball whose descendants still live around Hemingway's old home.  Grumpy Cat is a grumpy-looking cat.  It's a rich and varied feline world out there.

If you want to share your life with a cat, and of course you do because they purr, chase lasers and have toe beans, then you need to pick the proper name.  No one gets through life nameless except villainous movie characters or loner heroes, and while your cat could be either, it still seems wrong.  Cats need names!  from Garfield to Heathcliff to Socks to Mr. Bigglesworth, we need something to express not just that cat's personality but our own.  After all, naming the cat is the job of the owner and you can tell a lot about a person by what they name their cat.  But do you think you can learn so much about a person you can guess what they named their cat?  That's what we're proposing here!  30 simple questions about you and we'll totally guess your cat's name.  Try it and see!

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