Can We Figure Out Your Snake’s Name in Just 30 Questions?

Ian Fortey

There are all kinds of snakes out there, but what kind have you had before?

If you could have any kind of pet snake, what kind would you like to get?

Snakes come in pretty much a rainbow of colors. What's your favorite?

Snakes don't need no stinking legs. But other animals don't need them either. What other snake-like creatures are the coolest?

How much time do you think you spend handling your snake?

Snakes can have a pretty eclectic diet. What does yours eat?

If not a snake, what other kind of reptile do you think you'd have?

You don't want to keep a venomous snake around, but that doesn't mean you can't think they look cool. What's your favorite venomous snake?

What kind of hide do you have for your snake right now?

What's the longest snake you'd be willing to have as a pet?

What happens if your snake ever escapes?

Do you always make sure your snake has the proper temperature and humidity?

Ever wonder how a snake would wear pants if it had to?

How big is your enclosure, anyway?

Would you ever consider breeding your snake?

How much did you pay for your snake, anyway?

Do you like to feed your snake?

What's your favorite snake movie?

How good are you at making snake sounds?

What's the biggest misconception that people have about snakes?

Everyone knows how cool snakes are, which is why so many fictional characters get named after snakes. Who's your favorite snake person?

Do you ever take your snake out of the house?

If you were a snake, where do you think you'd want to live?

Do you think your snake likes you?

Do you know how to treat a snake bite in the wild?

Do you ever use your snake to freak people out?

Why do you prefer snakes to other kinds of animals?

Lots of people are afraid of snakes. Which of these other creatures are you most afraid of?

Have you ever put clothes on your snake?

What's the greatest song ever that mentions snakes?

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Image: Mark Kostich / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Snakes have been around for far longer than most people suspect. For a long while, we believed snakes were about 100 million years old, which is, you know, super old. But then some more fossil evidence suggested snakes have existed for 167 million years, putting them way back in the Jurassic period. That means snakes are some of the oldest creatures on Earth, which is crazy to even think about. They deserve way more respect than they get! But at least a few people know that and choose to share their lives with these primal, incredible animals. Plus, let's be honest, they're super cool, too.

Unlike so many traditional pets, snakes come in some crazy colors and patterns, and they're also lower maintenance than a dog that needs to be walked and played with every day. Snakes are chill. Sure you can't always cuddle with them, but some of them really do enjoy being handled and will happily drape about your neck while you're watching some Netflix or whatever. A snake says a lot about the person who owns it. So much so, in fact, that we bet if you answer some snake questions for us, we can even tell you what you named your snake. Don't believe it? Take the quiz!

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