Can We Guess How Dark You Like Your Chocolate?

Jennifer Post

What do you look for in desserts?

Do you consider yourself a light and bright person?

Where do you go when you need to get away from it all?

Which vessel is the best for delivering chocolate to your mouth?

How disappointed do you get when you bite into an oatmeal raisin cookie, thinking it's chocolate chip?

Would you be all over drinking chocolate?

Which fruit is better when dipped in chocolate?

Is chocolate meant to enhance something or be the main star?

If you're going to eat just a chocolate bar, do you want any additions to it?

Do you have a favorite brand of chocolate?

Do you have special chocolate that you hide from other people so they won't eat it?

Can you pick your all time favorite chocolate item?

How often do you eat chocolate?

Do you think your personality matches your favorite chocolate?

In your opinion, which chocolate is the best for s'mores?

If you needed a salty snack to go with your chocolate, which one would you go with?

When Valentine's Day rolls around, do you expect candy and flowers?

If you were to pick a chocolate to give someone who was going through a rough time, which one would you choose?

Do you like your coffee sweet?

Would you want to live in a world without dessert?

Are you good at keeping plants alive?

What would be the ultimate vacation to you?

Have your tastes in food changed a lot since you were young?

Is your overall style polished or more shabby chic?

Do you have fancy tastes on a casual budget?

Is it easy for you to remember things?

If you were ever famous, what would you be famous for?

Was there ever a time in your life when you didn't like chocolate?

Would you pick up a stray or missing dog you see on the side of the road?

Would you ever get a chocolate wrap spa treatment?

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Image: Conny Marshaus / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Have you gone over to the dark side, or are you still hanging out on the lighter side of things? We're not talking about Star Wars, we're talking chocolate! The guidelines for what makes dark chocolate considered such varies, but there is a distinct difference between something that's 35 percent cacao and 65 percent cacao, not only in taste, but also in color. If you think 65 percent cacao is a lot, you've never tried 85 percent!  Confused as to what the percentages actually mean? We got you. The higher the percentage of cacao, the more bitter the chocolate will be, hence why many people don't love dark chocolate. They want the sweet and creamy feel of good milk chocolate. But for those who do love dark chocolate, the higher percentage is often a huge plus.

Not all dark chocolate is created equal, either. Some is filled with salted caramel, and some has bits of almonds and toffee. Chocolate is such a personal preference and life is short. If you don't like chocolate, don't eat chocolate. If you like white chocolate, eat as much as you want. If milk chocolate is your style, eat it up. 

Think we can guess how dark, or not, you like your chocolate? Take this quiz and we will!

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