Can We Guess How Datable You Are by the Foods You Hate?

Jennifer Post

Out of the vegetables below, which one do you hate the most?

What are you most likely to not eat with a steak?

In your school lunch, what were you hoping was never there?

At kids' birthday parties, what party snack do you like the least?

How do you feel about sour gummy candy?

What is your favorite meal of the day?

For breakfast, what is your least favorite food item?

Out of the below options, which stone fruit will you never eat?

Do you have a protein that you refuse to eat?

People either love or hate tomatoes. Where do you stand?

Do you hate frosting?

What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food?

Which shape of peanut butter cup should not exist?

Is dark chocolate good?

Breaking out the big guns, would you eat pineapple on pizza?

If you need a quick snack, what are you definitely not reaching for?

When you go to the movies, which offering repulses you?

What's the worst thing to dip a soft pretzel in?

Which type of cuisine does not tickle your tastebuds?

At the vending machine, what thing do you always avoid?

What's the worst kind of cheese?

How much do you like pickles?

If you were making a salad, which lettuce would you not include in the mix?

Is there one dish you hate making at home and would rather get at a restaurant?

Desk lunches can be boring to begin with. What makes them even more boring?

What is one dessert you won't touch?

Is there a side dish that doesn't belong on the side of any meal?

You're going to a summer barbecue. What is your least favorite BBQ food?

How do you handle being offered a food you don't like?

What is the absolute number one food that you hate?

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About This Quiz

What determines the foods we like and don't like? Maybe it has something to do with what our mothers ate while we were still growing in the womb. Or maybe we learn it from others. If your idol hates peas, maybe you won't eat peas either. Same thing for if someone you look up to loves a certain food, that might become your favorite. Bottom line is, there's many different ways that our least favorite foods become that way. The real question is, does hating certain foods make you more or less datable?

Taste buds change, though, just like anything else. They evolve as you get older, and you end up liking things you never liked before and vice versa. You may even develop an aversion to foods because of a bad life situation. Even developing a food allergy could cause you to hate that food as a defense mechanism so you don't have to worry about missing that food. While there might not be scientific evidence of the correlation between your datability and the foods you hate, knowing the right questions to ask is the way to get this insight. Take this food quiz and we'll guess how datable you are!

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