Quiz: Can We Guess How High Maintenance You Are From Your Pizza Order?
Can We Guess How High Maintenance You Are From Your Pizza Order?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Michael Berman/DigitalVision/GettyImages

About This Quiz

Living life is kind of like ordering a pizza when you think about it. The options are literally endless when it comes to how you live your life, just as they are endless when you're trying to figure out what to put on your pizza. It is hard enough at times when you're living life or ordering a pizza on your own, but it gets way harder when you're trying to coordinate either one of those things with other people. 

Think about it. You might be the kind of person that is totally fine with just having a cheese pizza, because you're just hungry and don't care what you have, but maybe your significant other is so high maintenance they force you into eating something like a pizza with bacon mashed potato and scallion on it. But it could go the other way too; maybe you're feeling a little high maintenance yourself and want to have a pizza with feta, kalamata olives and spinach on it, and your buddy just wants one with pepperoni. Who is being a pain there, you or him? 

Ordering a pizza is a true test of how high maintenance you are, no matter how you slice it. See what we did there?

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How about just a plain cheese pizza?

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How about a sausage and mushroom pizza?

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Do you like garlic on pizza?

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What is your favorite type of olive?

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Do you like pineapples on pizza?

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What is your favorite type of meat on pizza?

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Do you like a lot of feta on your pizza?

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What about chorizo?

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Maybe some caramelised onions?

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Would you have barbecue sauce on your pizza?

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Do you always decide what is on the pizza when with other people?

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Do you insist on local ingredients for your pizza?

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What kind of pizza sounds best?

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Do you think crust should ever have cheese in it?

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How many slices of pizza do you usually have?

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Do you ever find yourself angling to get the last piece of pizza?

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Would you have shrimp on pizza?

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