Can We Guess How Long It's Been Since the Last Time You Were Kissed?

Brian Whitney

What do you do most weekends?

Are you pretty flirtatious?

Do you like to cuddle?

Are you a romantic?

Would you rather be smart or hot?

How many people have you told that you love?

Do you like Sushi?

Which of these reality shows would you watch?

Would you date a coworker?

What do you do on New Year's Eve?

Would you ever go to a nude beach?

Would you rather go without your phone or your car?

How many people have you lived with romantically?

Has anyone ever called you passionate?

What would you most likely be?

How much would someone have to pay you to eat a live spider?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Do you want to get married?

Are you awkward?

What would you least like to bump into?

Are pick-up lines ever cool?

How much do you like to eat?

Which are you most likely to have for dinner?

Which of these animals do you really wish could talk?

Would you date one of your friends' exes?

Do you like to dance?

How do you fight?

How old were you when you had your first girlfriend or boyfriend?

Which of these words best describes you?

What do you sleep in?

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About This Quiz

Kissing is underrated. So many times people either brag about or try to hide how many people they've slept with, but when it comes to kissing, it seems like no one goes there. Kissing is special. Whether you're making out for hours with someone at a party in high school or trying to decide whether to give someone a good night kiss after a date, kisses really mean something. 

Sometimes a kiss can go right and be all you can think about for weeks, and other times a kiss can go so wrong that you never can look the other person in the eye again. A kiss lets you know whether you have chemistry with the other person, or if the situation is not meant to be. And unlike going to bed with someone, a kiss is totally innocent! You can kiss someone that you work with at a party and still look them in the eye. Maybe not the next day, but eventually.

How long has it been since you've been kissed? Answer some questions, and we bet we can guess. We have to say though, it will probably go better if you turn down the lights and put on some music.

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