Quiz: Can We Guess How Long You Served in the Marines?
Can We Guess How Long You Served in the Marines?
By: Teresa M.
Image: US Gov

About This Quiz

First and foremost, thank you for your service! As a present or former member of the United States Marine Corps, you are highly appreciated. You have also learned a lot of things from your military experience that will give away how long you served. 

Whether you were a Master Sergeant or a General, the traits and knowledge the Marines instilled in you have left you with undeniable qualities. As we examine your military experiences and your everyday life, we'll know how long you served your country. At least, we think we'll know. It's up to you to lead the charge!

Throughout our Marines service quiz, we will not come right out and ask you how long you served. Instead, we want to base our guess on the things you tell us about your lifestyle and personality. We will use the things you habitually or unintentionally do for hints about your length of service. By the time we're done, we are confident we'll know. 

Answer with the response that represents you best, and we will put you together like a logic puzzle. Share your skills and your level of discipline with us, and we'll know whether you spent a few tours in the Marines or if you only opted for one.   OOHRAH!

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