Quiz: Can We Guess How Long You Served in the Military?
Can We Guess How Long You Served in the Military?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

How long did you serve in the military? No matter how long you served your nation, certain things may have engrained themselves deeply in your brain. Aspects of your training and education often linger, and they cause you to do things you may not realize you are doing. We'll examine those things so that we can take an accurate guess at how many years you served! 

Are you always finishing your plate before other people or saying "yes, ma'am" when someone asks you a question? Maybe you can't sleep in a bed without perfect hospital corners, or maybe going for days without shaving makes you insane. If you think about how often you do these simple things, we can predict the amount of time you spent in uniform. Telling us a little about your habits and your quirks will help us, too. 

Follow our knife hands through each of the questions. Then, put us to the challenge, and see if we are accurate! The things you decide to tell us will give you way. You might be a little skeptical, but you have nothing to lose. We bet you 12 MREs that we can get it right! 

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